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After several years of experience with the development of expert advisor"Bratislava" we were inspired by spectral analysis, which normally occurs in very different fields than trading on the currency markets. In physics, astrophysics, chemistry and medicine, there are best practices that we have decided to apply to the practice of law in exchange and OTC transactions.With the trading strategy using spectral analysis we came under considerable volatility, which is reflected in the market since 2013 and which is the result of political and economic instability. Volatility in the markets has always been, but the range in some currency pairs have been enormous in the last year. For this reason, we prefer the expert advisor that is safer than any other known to us on the market. EA Bratislava Premium Edition we programmed especially with regard to stability and security. We prefer long-term security before short-sighted and short-term earnings potential.Bratislava Premium EA requires min. balance of US $ 1,000. Recommended balance is US $ 5,000. EA can run on any currency pair, CFD or commodity. Recommened pairs are updated in User Guide.Bratislava EA was awarded "Best forex robot" at China Forex Expo 2016 in Shenzen, China.

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Experience: >5 years


I have been trading with this EA f 8 months it generates nice 4 profit per months. Good job!
AOS Bratislava team
Video China Fex Expo: award "Best Fex Robot": If you want to use our EA f free, simply open new Instafex account:

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