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You can freely decide on any settings and thus try out which trading settings of the Expert Advisor (Bot) you like the best. You can also trade on different accounts with different trading settings and/or trading values. With this Expert Advisor (Bot) you can trade all the trade values of your broker, but currency pairs are recommended. Forex Trading is a 24 hour market and therefore fits exactly to this Expert Advisor (Bot). When trading other trading stocks such as stock indices, the Expert Advisor (Bot) should always be turned off at night, otherwise losses (depending on the settings) may occur. That´s why the recommendation with this Expert Advisor (Bot) is in the foreign exchange market. Also, with this Expert Advisor (Bot), you do not necessarily have to hedge. You can set everything free, for example, only partial hedging. For example, you can set different Limit, Stop, TrailingSL and BreakEvenSL Orders with a trade value and/or trade in different trade values. You can set up this Expert Advisor (Bot) on every trading chart in "MetaTrader4" so that it trades on these charts as well. You set money management yourself in the form of your freely selectable lot size and the attitude long and short, or partly "only long" or partly "only short". Also with Stops (optional) and/or limits and/or TrailingSL and/or BreakEvenSL Orders. This Expert Advisor (Bot) with your own settings will help you to trade fully automatically more safely. Of course it´s a good idea to test this Expert Advisor (Bot) on Demo Accounts and/or small Accounts with little Leverage.

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Experience: 2-5 years


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