This EA is designed for MT4 platform only. This Expert advisor better works on EURUSD and H1 time timeframe. This EA trades on grid pattern, for eg. if first position is Buy and it comes in loss then EA will open second position for Sell. But don`t afraid this chain will not continue in this EA like a normal grid trading, as soon EA has three opened positions then it starts closing them in smarter way. Main objective of this type of functionality is to reduce drawdown in account and to prevent account for being crash. Distance between two positions by this EA can be defined by user. Similarly time gap between two positions also can be set by user. This EA is fully automatic, it automatically decides lots size according your account balance. It automatically adjusts itself for 4-digit and 5-digit accounts. You can allocate a part of your account balance to this EA and EA will not touch remaining balance. Every position has SL & TP so it prevent from huge or unexpected damage in account. If you want to allow EA to trade only certain hours, then it can be set in this EA. Here I have defined some important parameters of this EA, while it has more parameters. Best thing is that all parameters have optimum values for good and safe return in your account. But all parameters are very user friendly and highly customizable by user, so anyone can optimize this EA for currency pairs and time frame other than recommend by me.

Additional Informations:

Experience: >5 years



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