Automated Forex Trader’s strategy is based on the most important feature of the market – it’s movement up or down. In detail, system is very complex but it keeps the trading of its algorithms very simple. One of the basic principles is that a price of assets, in this case currencies, decline faster than its price increases. Previous years of active trading proved us that this can happen also exactly otherwise. Therefore, AFT expert advisor speculates on the decline after large market growth and change in trend. The same can be applied otherwise, where it speculates on market growth after large decline and change in trend. Generally, it can cover both of these very basic, though, key principles of currency market.</span><span>In case of any severe market change, Automated Forex Trader is prepared for very many extremes already as it was developed for you from 2007. If an upgrade is needed, remember, we are already working on it and will update your AFT program absolutely FREE. We also regularly publish preferred settings for all AFT users once a week at our Twitter account.

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