Spread is a MetaTrader indicator that shows the current spread in the main chart window. You can alter the font parameters, indicator’s position and spread value normalization. The indicator is updated with each tick, which ensures the most recent value of the spread. It can be helpful with a floating or expanding spread. This indicator is available at MT4 and MT5. Entry parameters: font_color (Red by default) — a colour of the spread indicator. font_size (14 by default) — a size of the spread indicator. font_face ("Arial" by default) — a font of the spread indicator. corner (0/ANCHOR_LEFT_UPPER by default) — a location of the spread indicator. In MT4: 0 — for the upper-left corner, 1 — for the upper-right corner, 2 — for the lower-left one, 3 — for the lower-right one. As to MT5, it is all quite obvous there. spread_distance_x (10 by default) — a horizontal distance between the corner and the indicator. spread_distance_y (130 by default) — a vertical distance between the corner and the indicator. normalize (false by default) — if it is set to be true, then the spread value stabilizes and is shown in common pips. In case it is false, the spread is displayed in current pips without changes. It can be of use in working with nonstandard quotes.

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